Built for the Australian
Care Industry

Caretaskr is collaborative disability & aged care solution that puts your client at the centre of plans, communications and decisions.


Client Management

Let Caretaskr (for Providers) takes care of all the administrative tasks associated with running a disability provider business, so you and your team can focus on providing the best level of service to your clients.

Disability & Aged Care Providers

Enabling disability providers to efficiently manage clients within the Australian NDIS disability sector.

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Self-Managed Clients

Providing self-managed with the ability to easily manage their funds and schedules.

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CoS Providers

Providing NDIS Support Coordinators with the tools to go paperless and automate many day to day processes.

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Free Care Planning Software for
Care Providers

Yes, our core offering is free to Australian care providers

You’ve probably seen it mentioned a few times already, but our core system really is free. This isn’t a gimmick or trick but forms part of our promise to care providers. We know you’re being squeezed on all sides by increasing costs of care provision.

There’s no minimum contract, no up-front charges and you can use our care planning software straight away. We only need to confirm you’re part of a registered Australian care provider in order to get you started.


Caretaskr gives you all the functionality needed to run an efficient and productive care business while providing the highest level of care.

Easily Record & Store Participant Details Securely

Simply and securely record and access patient information where ever you are. Add notes, actions and more via mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Create Goal-Based Care Plans in an Instant

Easily set up patient-centred care plans that provide a holistic view in helping a patient reach their personal goals through task management and co-ordination.

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Optimise Staff Rosters & Schedule Appointments Efficiently

Optimise your staff coverage with the Caretaskr scheduling and rostering module, so that you can provide the best level of support to your patients.

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Reduce Incidents with Proactive Management

Manage from start to end any potential issues that could become a problem. Allocate and monitor actions from identification through to resolution.

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Increase the Quality of Care Delivered to Participants

Proactively manage the quality of care delivered and meet quality and safeguard requirements.

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Collaborate with Participants via the Participant Portal

Enable your participants to log in and view their care plan, schedule an appointment and manage their account online.

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Improve Financial Stability with Automated Invoicing

Manage everything from invoicing through to claiming back from the NDIS.

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Simple Collaboration between Therapists, Participants and Carers

Creating a centralised way to communicate between everyone involved in providing care to the patient regardless of their position.

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Fast & Simple Document Management

Store documents associated with a patient against their record.

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Supporting Providers
across Australia

We only build what you ask for. Caretaskr truly is a solution built for care providers.

Every week we conduct feedback sessions on how we can make the product better. This feedback goes directly into our product roadmap. If you don’t like the way a feature works, we work with you to make it better. It is through this close collaboration with providers like you, that we are able to bring a product to market that fixes a real problem.

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