The Benefits Of Software For NDIS Participants & Providers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS for short, offers support via government supported funds for those with a permanent disability to reach their career goals, fulfil their dreams, and anything else they aspire to achieve. The government provides the disabled community with support, information, and much needed funds to ensure they have the chance for maximum social and economic participation. It allows all participants below the age of 65 to develop a long-term plans to achieve whatever objectives they desire. 

The key to becoming a fully compliant NDIS provider within the new NDIS framework changes for funds provision is having access to an apt, updated, and technologically advanced IT software system for records and operations management.

Organisations need to understand that instead of the NDIS specific software packages only storing information about individuals in categories or groups, it must also be a totally personalised system with the ability to provide instant information about every participant. That’s why having access to a completely automated system is so important to be totally compliant.

Traditional CRM software packages will not be able to cover the required aspects for an all-encompassing NDIS management solution. Because NDIS providers are required to implement a truly agile software system that’s adaptable to the NDIS framework’s changing rules such as adjustments in pricing.

Caretaskr Does It All

Efficiently manage everything for NDIS participants’ service bookings, while staying on top of changes, and ensuring funding amounts are correct with NDIS software by Caretaskr. You can be confident knowing that you are supported and always meeting NDIS compliance requirements.

Industry leading Caretaskr is a complete participant management software package encompassing collaboration, rostering self-service client portal, communication tools, invoicing, billing, as well as NDIA bulk claiming.  

Caretaskr provides you with a powerful and flexible experience with care management which works hand in hand with the National Disability Insurance Scheme to ensure that everything is reported on and remains compliant.

Another advantage of Caretaskr is that the processes and critical functions are all conveniently located in one central database, which means instant delivery of personalised insights into the performance of the company as a whole that is tailored to suit each user’s need, from the CEO and CFO, to team leader or manager, all the way down to the SLA manager or other support staff.

Because all of the data required for the dashboards and reports available in Caretaskr are extracted from a centralised data repository, it completely eliminates the multiple data versions from disparate spreadsheets and systems that are currently used by your employees.

Your NDIS participants will become empowered to exercise control and choice while providing access to a wide range of both formal and informal community-based and mainstream support. This means all staff, participants, and suppliers will all enjoy greater integration, connectivity, and collaboration between all segments of the market.