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Add staff, clients and care plans

As a Manager, you can quickly and easily set up your own ‘Care Hub’ from a web-browser. Once you’ve created your care providers profile, you can then start to add your care staff and client information. Setting up your care staff is easy, you can simply allocate them a user login, and when they login in for the first time, they will be prompted to enter in all their details. All that’s left is to enter your client’s details, and our ‘Quick Import’ feature will have you up and running in no time.

Quickly roster staff and schedule appointments

Once you have your client’s and staff details entered in, you can start rostering in carers and scheduling appointments based on both your staff and client’s availability.

While in session, easily record session notes

Ditch paper-based care recording and easily enter your session notes online via the intuitive check-in/check-out function. On check-out, Caretaskr will guide your carer through all the right processes to capture accurate notes that can later be used within the Therapy Service Summary.

Quickly record time spent on appointments, tasks and activities

Caretaskr allows you to easily and quickly record time spent on appointments and other activities while you can focus more time on providing care to your client’s.

Invoice for your services instantly

Manage, invoicing through to claiming back from the NDIS.

Enable your client’s to see their care plan online

Enable your client’s to log in and view their care plan, schedule an appointment and manage their account online, including keeping track of their goals, budget and support.

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