Caretaskr is suitable for almost every organisation providing services in the disability and aged care sectors. Organisations that offer anything from in-home care to community access support, nursing to physiotherapy, support coordination to medication management, can use Caretaskr to take the hassle out of their client management.

We get asked this a lot and Yes, our core care modules really are free. This covers everything you need to get up and running using electronic forms as a care provider in Australia. The really long answer as to why Caretaskr is free, comes from our years of working with care providers, where we constantly saw many providers in both the disability, aged care and health clinics struggling to find an affordable solution. So we set about creating one that brings all the requirements you need into one solution.

Yes, on our premium modules, we charge GST on the monthly subscription cost.

Depending on your subscription type, we will either charge you upfront for our annual subscription or at the start of the month depending on when you started your subscription.

Yes, we limit our free version to under 50 staff. This is because from our experience any business over this number requires a certain level of support for them to be successful. If you are an organisation with over 50 staff or volunteers but still want to use the free version, we do have special subscription that is available on request. Please contact us at hello@caretaskr.com for more information.

We love feedback. If Caretaskr is missing something, then we would love to hear from you. Feel free your feedback to providerfeedback@caretaskr.com.

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