Why Healthcare Providers Should Offer A Patient Portal

The digital age of software platforms have been positively impacting the healthcare industry for many years now by streamlining and generally improving how physicians care for their patients. These software platforms have proven to be greatly beneficial when it comes to getting patients informed and actively involved in their own health care, and the most effective platform for improving engagement has been patient portals like Caretaskr.

What is Caretaskr?

Using an online website, patients can conveniently use Caretaskr’s secure patient portal at any time to digitally access their current personal health information from anywhere that has access to the internet, from computers, to mobiles and tablets.  

Used by hospitals, private clinics, and any other medical practices, Caretaskr is centrally focused on providing patients with access to their health data including immunisations, health histories, lab results, physician notes, and discharge summaries.

Caretaskr is a patient portals that goes well beyond simply providing patients with a window into their health data, allowing access to features such as online appointment scheduling, secure direct messaging, prescription refill requests, online bill payments, emailing physicians, and even capabilities to update data. In other words, Caretaskr allows patients to do things that was previously done either over the phone or during a visit in person.

While Caretaskr provides access to real-time lab results, there are other patient portals that only allow patients to access their medical history and demographic data. The data that is made available to patients often depends on the standards of each particular healthcare facility as well as the portal vendor.

This kind of technology that’s available for healthcare professionals is regularly discussed, but how can patient portals like Caretaskr be used to boost the engagement of patients?

Improved Efficiency

Caretaskr’s patient portal can be used to complete a number of administrative tasks that usually would require multiple staff members to be involved much more efficiently. Patients can book their own appointments on the portal as well as request refills of medication, which helps Caretaskr to expedite and streamline otherwise time consuming tasks. This means that Medical staff and receptionists will no longer need to waste time talking to every single patient on the phone or discussing other matters in person.

Improved Engagement

Caretaskr enhances how actively involved patients can be in their healthcare, because they have the ability to stay more informed by readily accessing all of their important and relevant information whenever they need. This allows for the more knowledgeable patients to possibly even take more responsibility for as much of their own care as possible, freeing up time to concentrate on more pressing matters.

Improved Communication

Many patients believe that in-person visits with physicians are much too brief, making them non-conducive to building a solid doctor-patient relationship. But these relationships are often actually strengthened thanks to the increased frequency of contact using Caretaskr, as patients can contact their doctor via instant message or email regarding small concerns that would normally require an in-person visit. Thus, patients will often feel increasingly satisfied with their overall service provided by their healthcare professional, which ultimately means improved long term outcomes for all.